Noah's Ark Naturist. Much more than a Naturist swim. Nude exercise classes, Nude gym use, and a friendly atmosphere

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Due to failure of club phone, Temporary phone No. 07973 134 365

Now on Sundays from January 2018

We move to SUNDAY 4:15-6:15. As from 7th January

First time naturist
Taking the Plunge

Naturism is Good For You

We are bombarded daily with Photoshopped images of the perfect body, articles about how to get that “perfect” bikini body, why you should be using the latest anti-wrinkle cream and how to lose seven pounds in a week. What these things have in common is they are all designed to make you dissatisfied with yourself and to line other people’s pockets.

There is, however, a section of society who, on average, have a much higher level of body confidence and are generally comfortable in their own skin and happy. Who are these people?  Naturists of course.


Recent research by Dr Keon West of Goldsmiths College, University of London shows that people who spent time naked liked their own bodies more, thought better of themselves, and were more satisfied with their lives overall. The longer people have been Naturists, the better they feel about themselves. Familiarity with the unclothed human form in its natural state is, to be sure, the best way to discover that there is no such thing as the perfect body.


Of course, there will be those who think they cannot allow anyone to see them naked and you will hear questions like this “Why does anyone do that?”  “I haven’t got the body for that.”  “I don’t want anyone to see my bits” But ask if someone has ever skinny dipped and you are more likely to get a positive response. Ask about a sneaky midnight swim on a beach or in their villa rental on holiday and you will find plenty of people who are happy to say that they have done that. Often that will be something done on their own or as a group of friends, but not in front of strangers. Ask them why they did it and you will be told that it feels much better to be swimming without a costume. In a word, FREEDOM


A Naturist swim is no different to the sneaky skinny dip. It’s all about the freedom to swim without clothes in a safe and friendly environment. Most people who have swum naked will never want to wear a costume again, it’s that addictive.

The strangers there are just friends you haven’t met and no one is concerned about your scars or your size or shape.  In short, once you have overcome any initial reticence, you will enjoy the sensation of being completely at one with the water. You will talk to more people and you will be a more confident person.


Have a read through the rest of our website to see what else we offer, from Pilates to Aqua-aerobics, there is plenty to do at Noah’s Ark but, at our core, we provide you with the chance to free yourself from soggy costumes forever.


To quote the British Naturism website,


 “Who are naturists?


Anyone can be a naturist. Your background, age, shape, race, creed and colour are irrelevant when it comes to enjoying the freedom of naturism, which is why it attracts people from all walks of life. Naturists practise social nudity, aimed at encouraging self respect, respect for others and the environment....”

Welcome To Noah's Ark

Free Your Body

Naturist Swimming
Swimming Free at Noah's Ark

Picture by John Faulkner


 Welcome to Noah’s Ark; The Friendly Swim. Celebrating non-sexual clothes free swimming.


If it’s your first visit to this website, “Hello”. Please take a little time to browse our pages to discover a little bit of what we are about and, in the wider sense, what naturism is all about too.


We hold regular WEEKLY (except over the Christmas/New Year period) Sunday evening (4:15pm - 6:15pm) naturist Swim and Sauna sessions at Sports Direct in Ewell in Surrey. We are here to provide a warm, safe, family friendly environment to enjoy a swim, have a sauna,  dispel those aches and pains in the steam room or even work out in the fully equipped gym.  All of this, we enjoy in the way that nature intended. We also have the use of a sun bed at an extra cost. Please ask at the desk when you arrive.


We would love you to join us, whether you have been a naturist all your life or want to try, for the first time, that unique feeling of freedom that swimming or exercising without clothes gives you.  If you have never swum without clothes, you have definitely missed one of life's pleasures. 


We welcome all naturists young or old.


As you can see from the attached map, we are easy to find by road, located between Sutton and Epsom, just South of London in the South East of England


At only £5.00 per member and £8.00 for non-members per evening, we believe we offer extremely good value for money. Those prices are per adult. For families, their accompanied children in full time education are free.


Please check the diary page for full details, but please note that we do not have swim sessions over the Christmas  period . 


We hope that now you have discovered our virtual presence you will be tempted to pick up the phone and give Jon a call on 07940 881 100 and ask any questions you may have. He will tell you everything you need to know. If you could make that call between 6pm and 9pm, that would be great. You will be very welcome to come and visit us any Sunday evening when you have “nothing on”


Please e-mail  but, IF YOU WANT TO VISIT US FOR THE FIRST TIME,  PLEASE PHONE JON  ON 07940 881 100 and ask for the gate entry code, as the gate may be shut upon your arrival. ( you can press the buzzer on the gate)


Should you find any broken links on this site, please let us know.




Noah's Ark on Twitter & Last Minute Updates

please check this for any cancellations

Sometimes, and very rarely, when circumstances are beyond our control and time is short, we will use Twitter to announce a cancellation of the swim. If you are travelling a long distance, please check this section to see if there are any problems

What's on This Week and Next

Every Week, we have the use of the pool, sauna, steam room and gym

see below for weekly additional activities


  • Sunday 20th May
  • Sunday 27th May
  • Sunday 3rd June
  • Sunday 10th June
  • Sunday 17th June



  • Normal swim. Exercise cancelled
  • Aqua-aerobics with Morgana (included with £8 swim)
  • Nude-ercise with Helen Smith (£8+£2 for class)
  • Yoga with Gail (£8+£2 for class)
  • Nude-ercise with Helen Smith (£8+£2 for class)

Call Jon on 07940 881 100

All sessions take place between 16:15 and 18:15 every Sunday evening except during the Christmas period

please try to arrive promptly

Full Use of Gym Each Week

Included with normal entry

Not only can you swim, take part in exercise classes, both water based and in the studio, you can have full nude use of the well equipped gym. The only item of clothing required when in the gym is a pair of suitable gym shoes and a towel to sit on. Not many swims can provide all this. The use of the gym is included within the standard admission fee of £8.00


Call Jon on 07973 134 365

Naked Exercise Bike
Using the Gym

Nude-ercise at Noah's Ark

Nude Fitness Classes available for small Extra fee

See What's on (above) for dates





We are pleased to announce that Helen Smith will once again be a regular visitor to our club to lead her Nude-ercise classes in the studio at our Ruxley Lane venue. Keep an eye on the "Whats on This Week and Next" section on this page to see when she is booked. 


Please note that you will need to give Jon a call on 07940 881 100 if you've not visited us before.





Naturist Exercise
Nude-ercise Naked Exercise


Pilates sessions in the Studio

See What's on (Above) for Dates - Extra charge applies

In addition to the excellent fitness sessions, we are pleased to announce that we shall be hosting Pilates sessions in the studio at our Ruxley Lane venue. These sessions are organised to dovetail into our programme and the dates can be viewed by looking at the What's On section towards the top of the page. Pilates is an exercise based on six basic principles Concentration, Control, Centre, Flow, Precision and breathing. It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Being a studio based activity, there will be an additional charge of £2 added to the normal fee making £10 for you to be able to enjoy Pilates, Gym and swim on a Saturday evening


Call Jon on 07940 881 100


Pool Based Exercise Sessions

See What's On (above) for dates - included with entry charge

In addition to the regular swim sessions, we also have frequent aqua-aerobics sessions throughout the year. The dates for these sessions can be seen at the top of this page in the "What's on this week and next" area.


They consist of two twenty minute sessions with a break for a breather and a chat in between. These sessions are included within the normal admission fee of £8.00 per person, which also includes use of the gym


Call Jon on 07940 881 100

Car Park Entry Code Information

Please note that, SOMETIMES, a code will be needed to get into the car park. All members have been notified of the number, but any non-member wishing to attend should contact Jon on

07973 134 365 to be given the code. Non members will, of course, be as welcome as ever but you will understand that there is little point having a  code if we print it here.


If visiting for the first time, please make sure that Jon tells you when you call.

How to Find Us

By Public Transport

The nearest railway stations are at Tolworth or Stoneleigh. From there there is a 20min walk to Sports Direct from either station. Alternatively, you can catch a 406 bus near to both stations which will drop you at the junction of Ruxley Lane/Kingston Road.

By Car

click place mark for directions (or use What3Words - stow.risky.loops)

Members Page

All members are invited to check the members page for past issues of our "In Touch" newsletter, information on the club visits and a few pictures from the archive.


You will need the log in password which you can get from David or Malcolm or see your membership card.